July 8, 2017
2 years and 14 days since
our celebration.

Evans Family Reunion
"A Gathering of Generations"

Greetings Family and Friends,

The annual family gathering of the descendents of Bennie Washington Evans will be held on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at the Greenville Family Life Center, located at 2950 S. Memorial Drive in Greenville, North Carolina.

We are looking forward to an even bigger crowd than last year!  All the information you need to plan your trip is located right here on our family reunion site. Be sure to update your contact information under the Family Directory tab, and share pictures of family memories in the Photo Album. This year the family "swag bag" will include a variety of sample sachets provided by Palmer's.  Event photos will be forwarded to Palmer's in recognition of their contribution--it would be great for them to see pics of us in our reunion t-shirts!  Let us know if  you have a business card or product that you'd like to include in the "swag bag".  

It's a family affair. 

The gathering is scheduled to last all day and will include a very light continental breakfast and a full lunch. Snacks will be available throughout the day. Dinner and an evening activity will be coordinated separately.  Let us know if you have any ideas for games or activities. See the Schedule of Events section for full details. 

Please Note: There will be a closed business meeting at 9:00 am for the immediate family of Bennie Evans.

If you are traveling from out of town there are several places to stay. Visit  the Travel Information Page and use the link provided to book your hotel arrangements. S
hopping and entertainment is less than a mile from the reunion site Contact Yatisa if you are interested in visiting any of the historical family landmarks.  

We’re asking each family member/guest to cover the costs of their meal as follows

  • Adults and Kids ( ages 12 years and up) @ $25.00
  • Children (ages 7-11) @ $12.50
  • Toddlers & Infants (ages 6 and under) are free (Excludes cost of Reunion T-shirt--must pay separately)
  • Seniors (ages 65 and up) are free (Excludes cost of Reunion T-Shirt-- must pay separately)

    **The purchase of the reunion t-shirt is optional. However, we highly recommend that all family members purchase a  t-shirt and wear it for the group photo and the remainder of the gathering. T-shirt Cost @ $15ea**  
Registration and Payment Due by May 5, 2017 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, evansinfo247@gmail.com.
Donell, Ron, Sonya, Dawna, Tia and Yatisa
Family Reunion Planning Committee